Plusnet Mobile Review and Network Coverage 2021 – is Plusnet any Good?

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Plusnet Mobile Review and Network Coverage 2021 – is Plusnet any Good?

Plusnet Mobile is a low-price network, making it an awesome preference in case you need 4G on a decent budget. It will become even higher price in case you’re a Plusnet Broadband customer.

Best referred to as a cheery Yorkshire broadband provider, Plusnet mobile review has branched out into mobile plans with a stress on good value SIM-only plans that include special offers for existing broadband customers.

Plusnet mobile review 2021 - is Plusnet any good?
Plusnet mobile review 2021 – is Plusnet any good? pic

What’s good about Plusnet?

  • Reasonably-priced SIM-only plans
  • Discounts for existing Plusnet broadband customers
  • Roam Like reception – Use your monthly allowance
  • when you’re visiting selected destinations
  • Excellent customer support

What’s bad about Plusnet?

  • No contracts on handsets
  • Not much choice if you’re an enormous data user
  • Not much in the way of added extras

Plusnet Mobile Contract Plans

Most of Plusnet mobile plans are one-month contracts, though it does offer some 12 month contracts.
If you’re a light data user, there is a good selection of deals – most of which include unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. But if you stream tons of audio and video, game on your phone or use tons of social media, there are not any big data plans available.
Plusnet offers a variety of handy bolt ons if you reach your allowance limits over the course of a month and wish more data, minutes and texts.
In terms of perks and extras, there’s not an enormous amount to shout about, though there’s a useful Smart Cap which allows you to line your own monthly price cap; Roam Like reception enables you to use your monthly plan in additional than 40 EU destinations, and there are usually special offers available for existing Plusnet broadband customers.



plusnet mobile

If you’re a comparatively light data user, Plusnet features a decent number of SIM-only plans to select from – most of which include unlimited calls and texts. But unfortunately, you won’t find any handset deals and large data users should look elsewhere.



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Plusnet Coverage

As Plusnet uses EEs infrastructure, customers get to benefit from the comprehensive EE 4G network which represents over 99% population coverage.

Verdict: Excellent

plusnet mobileEEs mobile network just about beats all others so Plusnet customers can believe excellent mobile coverage.


Plusnet Pricing

Whether you opt for a one-month or 12month contract, Plusnet’s SIM only plans are reasonably priced, but there are cheaper deals available from providers such as giffgaff and Smarty. Data allowances range from 1GB to 5GB and most plans accompany unlimited call minutes and unlimited texts.
But if you don’t need tons of knowledge or a replacement smartphone, Plusnet is certainly worth considering particularly if you’re an existing Plusnet broadband customer, as you’ll benefit from mobile special offers.

Verdict: Good

plusnet mobile

If you’re on a decent budget and already own a phone, Plusnet may be a cheap and reliable network with good customer support.



Plusnet Customer Service

One of Plusnet big selling points is its UK based customer support team. The support team is out there , via phone, from 7.30am until 10pm every day – and customers even have access to an in depth FAQ section, and may contact the corporate by online chat.

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Plusnet extras and benefits

  • Smart Cap Set your own monthly bill price cap so you don’t overspend monthly
  • Roam Like reception Use your monthly plan allowance in additional than 40 EU destinations

Verdict: Good

plusnet mobileNot tons within the way of extras from Plusnet. Networks which supply long-term mobile contracts tend to supply more within the way of contract perks.


Overall verdict

As its plans are SIM-only, Plusnet doesn’t offer handsets as a part of its mobile plans and there aren’t many extras to enjoy once you check in .
So while it does offer a variety of reasonably-priced plans with low data allowances most of which include unlimited minutes and unlimited texts you’ll probably find better deals with SIM-only networks such as giffgaff and iD Mobile.
That said, Plusnet starts to seem more competitive on price if you’re an existing Plusnet broadband customer, as you’ll enjoy mobile special offers. Also, its UK customer support is pretty comprehensive. Plusnet Mobile may be a low cost network, making it an honest choice if you would like 4G on a decent budget. It becomes even better value if you’re a Plusnet Broadband customer. But because it runs off EE’s infrastructure it’s also got better 4G coverage and better 4G speeds than you would possibly expect an inexpensive network to possess .


Network Coverage & Speeds

2G, 3G & 4G Coverage

Thanks to EEs great infrastructure Plusnet Mobile is offering 99% population and 90% landmass coverage of the UK.  EE’s (in this case Plusnet Mobile’s) 4G is in additional places than the other UK network, so you won’t struggle for service. Having said that, its always better to be safe than sorry, therefore we recommend you to use Plusnets coverage map before you get a SIM card from the network.
According to Open Signals October 2020 speed test results, EE is still the number one network in regards to 4G download speeds. Plusnet Mobile customers also enjoy EE’s super-fast 4G speeds, however, their 4G plans aren’t as fast as EE’s premium tariffs. But because it runs off EE’s infrastructure it’s additionally were given higher 4G insurance and better 4G speeds than you may assume a reasonably-priced community to have. In fact, it could probably beat large names like Vodafone, O2 and Three in the ones areas.

It lacks 5G though, and Plusnet is likewise mild on extras and options, with simply SIM Only price lists available, low statistics limits and no inclusive roaming past Europe.

As such it’s now no longer a community for energy users, however in case your wishes are pretty fundamental it need to be a reliable, low priced option.



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